Back to the Future IV: Flash Back to the 80s

1980s-fashionFor all you teeny-boppers out there who think Lady Gaga’s shoulder pads are brilliant innovations in style and that spiked black hair, heavy eye-liner, and skinny jeans are the epitome of 2009 trendsetting, here’s a newsflash: you’ve just jumped into your delorean and hijacked the 1980s.

Yes, the 80s are back — sleekly redesigned, of course, for the new millennium. For those of you too young to remember Boy George or Top Gun and who think popular culture 2009 owes more to 2008 than 1988, lemme put some of today’s trends in historical perspective:

– Flo Rida’s Right Round samples the 1985 song You Spin Me Round (like a record) by the group dead or alive.

-Adam Lambert of American Idol — domesticated version of the 1980s punk rockers (originally stylized by Vivienne Westwood). Everything, from his voice to his clothing. I actually see a bit of Boy George in him… but maybe that’s just the side tilt of his faux-hawk.

– Lady Gaga — I don’t know where to begin with her. Is it her sound or her silhouette or her glam-rock thunder-bolt eyeshadow (technically, more 70s) or all of the above?Lady GaGa

– The Terminator is back with both a television series and a part IV.

– There is also serious talk about another Back to the Future, but without Michael J. Fox in his orange vest and Christopher Llyod we all know that would be a mistake.

– In this weekend’s Financial Times style insert, shoulder pads were singled out as the “it” trend for the summer. Shoulder pads defined the 1980s feminine silhouette. The 1980s was the decade of the woman’s power-suit official debut, appropriately coinciding with the debut of women execs in the US’s major corporations.

The Powersuit, shoulder pads and all

The Powersuit, shoulder pads and all

-Men’s wear — according to the FT, men’s wear is all about the 1980s — slim pants but an overall loose fit. Click here, if you don’t believe me.

-Fitness wear for day wear– I blame this one on American Apparel. Leggings, body suits, oversized cut sweat shirts, etc etc. Are we all about to get physical?


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