Morning Rituals

Put on purple American Apparal t-shirt. Flipflops. Stumble to bathroom. Use bathroom. Step on scale. Groan, but at least those numbers didn’t go up. Convince myself it’s because of all the water I drank last night. Brush teeth. Wash-face. Take advair. Clomp down stairs. Pat dog. Say good morning to bird. Pat other dog. Check email. Pat 3rd dog. Put on Kettle. Put weatabix in bowl. add cranberries. pour boiling water over teabag sitting in favorite white mug. add milk to cereal and tea. Take bowl and cup to table. Spill tea enroute. Leave tea ring on table. Get up, slip enroute back to kitchen to get paper towel. Mop up lost tea. Sit down. Flip through New York Times. Leave news section. Read, in this order, Arts, Style (on Sundays – Vows), Dining and metro. Put kettle back on. Make another tea. Spill tea en route back to table. Dog laps it up this time. Play pull game with dog and her favorite rope. Realize it’s 11AM and need to actually do something productive. Change out of boxers and put on jeans. Realize hair is a bird’s nest. Contemplate going back to bed. Go to gym instead?


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