Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me, But Should

1. I hate the smell, taste, and texture of raw tomatoes. I’ll only stand them in guacamole. I will not eat lettuce that has touched a raw, cut tomato.

2.  I’m a little bit country. Not in a cowboy sort of way (though I live in my old gringo cowboy boots and listen to Keith Anderson and have always wanted a horse), more in a rolling hills, edge of forest, home rustic cooking in cast iron cookware, English/French/Italy countryside sort of way.

3. I never wanted to be a doctor. Up until I was 16, I wanted to be a fashion designer with my own line (which would have been named Anna Lynn). Regardless, I never intended to have a typical 9-5.

An original K.A Reckling design for Anna Lynn, c. 2003

An original K.A Reckling design for Anna Lynn, c. 2003

4. I have an unhealthy obsession with Muffins… bran-berry in particular.

5. My life goal? Make the cover of Vogue.

6. I became an econ major so I could become an art journalist. Seriously.

7. I have never seen Grease and don’t intend to. Ever.

8. I have always dreamed of having an Inn in upstate NY or in New England. Someplace with 16 rooms and a great restaurant that meets the standards of Relais & Chateau.

9. I believe flip-flops should be banned footwear on the streets of NYC.

10. I always planned to marry an architect or a writer. This is probably the most negotiable of the 10 items.


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