Where were you two years ago, Part II

Mike demonstrates the many uses of the Marshall's aguilette.

Mike demonstrates the many uses of the Marshall's aguilette.

I was wearing a powder-blue gown that matched my square, pizza-box hat and I standing at the top of low library steps getting ready to walk down college walk and into the tent on the lawn in front of Butler library. It was Tuesday, May 22nd and it was Columbia College’s Class Day.

I was exhausted. Monday was a haze… I still don’t really remember what happened. I had finally made it to bed by 6AM (I think). I woke up 3 hours later and met Mike for bagels at Nussbaum & Wu, which we ate in his car while he waited for the street cleaners to finish so he could park. I had a few appointments with Professors and then I think I went home to have dinner with my godfather and his wife, who had just flown in from South Africa. I feel like there was something after that. Maybe a party? Maybe the heights? I don’t remember. All I know is I was sober… and in need of sleep.

For Class Day and commencement, I was a senior Marshall along with Mike. Besides providing us with nifty arm gear (see picture above), we had the privilege of walking in first, which meant prime seats during the ceremony. Yes, there I was front row, 4 feet from Prez Bo, Dean Quigley and our keynote speaker, Lost’s Matthew Fox.

Our Keynote speaker, Lost's Matthew Fox... Oh! What a Charmer!

Our Keynote speaker, Lost's Matthew Fox... Oh! What a Charmer!

I had no idea who Matthew Fox was. I had never seen an episode of Lost. I was skeptical, but he charmed my charles jourdan sandals right off. He spoke about unconventional paths and following your dreams. He recalled being laughed at by his friends who had pursued careers on wall street while he slowly made his in the world of acting. Who’s laughing now? Did Matthew Fox have some sort of strange insight into the future? Did he know Marty and Jake were joining the circus? Did he know Dan would say good-bye to finance to work on a mountain? Did he know I was saying No to my econ degree and yes to academia? It was a good speech.

Last night, Matthew Fox was on Jimmy Kimmel and I made sure to tune in to watch my now favorite alum (and his abs).

Lunch was had, pictures were taken with friends and family, I nearly fell asleep in my salad. I might have gone home to Westchester for dinner. I don’t remember. I do remember a party at Bobby’s in Hogan (but then again, that might have been Monday night). I realized Mike and Bobby are really long-lost identicial twin brothers. There was a John Jay 11 reunion and a photo. There was a pretty competitive game of beer-pong. It Shannon and I versus Mike and Bill. Mike and Bill won in a single cup face off. There teamwork was a welcomed turnaround from their March one-on-one basketball game to the death. Chris came in as I stumbled out, waving good-bye to my suitemates and former floormates, hoping I wouldn’t fall down the 3 flights of stairs. There were only 5 hours till commencement and I needed my beauty rest…


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