Things that Make me go weak in the knees

1. Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing
He can dance a mean mambo; he has pretty chiseled biceps and pecs; he’s genuinely moral and he spends most of the movie shirtless. Oh, and then there’s that line: “No one puts Baby in the corner.” Yea, I have Hungry Eyes for Patrick Swayze’s Johnny too.

2. Shoe Sales

Approximately 50% of my shoe collection

Approximately 50% of my shoe collection

“Hello Lover!” said Carrie Bradshaw to a pair of Christine Laboutin sandals. I know how she feels. Shoes are my addiction and every pair purchased fills me with a warm sense of satisfaction and joy. And there’s nothing better than getting a sharp pair of pumps at discounted prices. Shoegasm often?

3. Nocciolata flavoured Gelato
Who doesn’t love a cold gelato on a hot day?! And to me, there’s no flavour better than a rich chocolate-hazelnut. Yuuuum

4. John Singer Sargent portraits
Sargent ranks among my favorite painters, but of all his work, I find his portraits of women absolutely captivating. From the infamous Madame X to the more demure portrayal of Ada Rehan, Sargent’s portraits are beautiful and telling. I can’t take my eyes off them. Millicent, the Duchess of Sutherland, at the Museo Theyssen Bornemaizer is my favorite.

5. Necky Kayaks
If I’m not in a museum, I want to be in a kayak. Necky kayaks are perfectly weighted and cut through the water beautifully. Not to mention they just look fantastic. Every time I see a 4×4 drive by with a kayak on top I do a double take… and drool just a lil.

6. The New York Yankeesarod
I fondly call them “My boys.” Baseball is a sport i’ve always enjoyed and there’s nothing that says baseball like the New York Yankees.

7. Diane von Furstenberg Dresses
No one knows how to dress a woman like Diane von Furstenberg. Her dresses make me feel strong and feminine, city-ready and classy.

8. Common Wealth Accents

Canadian, Australian or English… doesn’t matter. I love the way children of Britain and its former colonies sound when they talk.

9. George Clooney
Funny, charismatic, intelligent, and handsome Clooney is hands down my celebrity crush (Seth Rogen ranks in at a close second…). Every time he comes on screen, I go a bit giddy. siiiiigh

10. Terriers

one loveable Irish Terrier, named Korrie

one loveable Irish Terrier, named Korrie

My 3 terriers are the loves of my life — yes, they even out-rank my favorite red patent pumps. They’re loving and spunky and always keep a smile on my face.


One thought on “Things that Make me go weak in the knees

  1. Nice post! I’ll start thinking about what makes me go weak in the knees…But do you know? It’s something I used to feel much more often as a teenager …Long forgotten exciting crushes, for example…I hope my foreign English sounds understandable – at least – to your “demanding” ear :):):)

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