Artwork of the Week for June 23, 2009


Jeffrey Gibson
Headache (2009)
Oil and spray paint on digitally printed canvas
40″ x 32″

Brooklyn-based artist Jeffery Gibson’s art is bold, colorful, urban and personal. His city setting, his Native American background, and his global experiences all heavily influence his work. In the upper regions of “Headache,” buildings emerge from stripes of highly saturated neon paint, only to dissolve into disembodied bands of color towards the bottom of the canvas. Amorphous, yet suggestive, forms interrupt the geometry that attempts to organize Gibson’s imagined urban landscape.

From the NMAI’s 2007 exhibition, Off the Map:
“In 2004, painter and installation artist Jeffrey Gibson (Choctaw/Cherokee, b. 1972) began creating fantastical landscapes using layers of intensely colored marks, glossy and transparent pours, and his signature pigmented silicone. The environment he has created and explored with his work in the last few years reveals a narrative of emergence into a utopian state, which will lead, inevitably, to corruption and collapse.”

Headache will be up for auction at 10% — a fundraiser for the Rema Hort Mann Foundation — on Wednesday June 24. For more information about the event, cli

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