Things that have changed my domestic life in the last 18 months

You’ll notice most of these things are kitchen or food items. There’s a good reason for that. Also note a blackberry or i-phone isn’t among the items listed… I’m not one of those people… yet.

1. PG Tipspg tips
This one I owe Oren for. I gave up coffee about a year ago. Too many end of semester pushes driven by double-shot espressos and full french-presses of coffee had ripped my stomach to shreds. Tea has become my go-to caffeine source since and I easily drink 6 cups a day. American-made brews are generally pretty tasteless, and even some of the premium Brit blends didn’t have enough body for my palate. But PG Tips, England’s Lipton, is superb! It never seems to get bitter and the ingenious pyramid tea-bad allows for maximum brewing. The problem is there are only a handful of stores that carry it — Whole Foods on 24th, Agata and Valentina on 79th and a few smaller markets. I’m addicted.

2. My Dell XPS M1330

In theory, my laptop should be my number 1. But I couldn’t use it without proper brain fuel. Small, sleek and fast, it makes me feel like a Bond Girl. Macs are overrated.

3. A Cherry-Red LG Washer and Dryer
I could never understand why my clothes never seemed to smell clean even after an extra rinse. Finally, our washing machine of 25 years exploded and required a replacement. The LG is energy efficient and cleans clothes like nobody’s business. I’ve also switched to a biodegradable detergent and my clothes have never felt cleaner or fresher. But all that usefulness aside, they’re the sexiest household appliances you could possibly own.

4. A Kitchen-Aid Pasta Making set
1 flat roller attachment and 2 pasta cutting attachments designed for my kitchen-aid stand-up mixer. After a few botched-up preliminary attempts, my Italian genes finally showed up and now I’m a pasta-making fiend. Linguine with that? How bout some sweet-pea raviolis? Some spaghetti? No problem.

5. Le Cruset Cookware
It all started with a red dutch oven. Then a turquoise pot and red grill pan followed. Now i don’t want to cook with anything else but my enameled cast-iron french cookware. Everything tastes better when it’s cooked in Le Cruset.


One thought on “Things that have changed my domestic life in the last 18 months

  1. PG Tips is like crack. I’m not even sure if I like it or even if I ever did. But I do know that drink it all the time. In fact, I just finished a mug. It’s what gets me through the day (I’m down to only one cup of coffee a day).

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