Rules for Dressing like a Fashionista

1. Always dress for an event like you’re coming from/going to something more important. The only exceptions to this rule: your wedding and the Oscars.

2. For dress and work wear, buy clothes you know you’ll want to put on 5 years from now. I believe in looking current, but I believe in looking classic more.  With this in mind, consider your good clothes investments and take care of them appropriately.

3. Don’t keep old t-shirts. There’s nothing like a pair of dark jeans and a t-shirt, but don’t wear something with holes in it or permanent stains. I’m all for clothes that tell a story, but if there’s nothing sentimental behind that dusty tee, trash it. The Gap has lots of sales.

4. Ladies, you can never go wrong with a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg, pleated pants. They scream Katherine Hepburn. Just make sure the tailoring and textiles are impeccable.

5. At work, dress for the job you want. So even if you’re an intern, don’t wear jeans unless it’s casual Friday

6. Make use of your tailor. If something’s in good shape, but is a little dated (or you’ve lost a few inches off the waistline) take it to someone who, with a needle and thread, can help you update it.

7. Forget reading Vogue or GQ. Scan catalogs for the latest trends. Fashion mags are more interested in artsy layouts, celebrity photographers and runway style. Catalogs are marketed to the consumer and aren’t over stuffed with advertisements (has anyone ever told Vogue that the 800 page fall issue has 700 pages of ads?).

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