Holiday Hangover

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.  I have committed the Capital Sin of gluttony and encouraged others to join me in my sinning.

And guess what, Father? I don’t  feel the least bit guilty about it.

It took me 3 months to lose  those pesky 10 pounds. Thank You, Christmas, for I believe that in the 2 days spent celebrating you, I successfully ate all 10 back on… and then some. There were two glorious pounds of butter spread among the dishes consumed over two days, and if they’ve fallen to my hips, so be it.

Last year, I wrote a short blog about how Christmas turns me into a Victorian house wife, a worshiper at the altar of the Cult of Domesticity (that is, at the stove). This year I could more or less write the same post. On Christmas Eve, as the leg of lamb sat marinading in the kitchen, I took a short break to prepare the dinner menu. Yes, that’s right. I spent 45 minutes designing and writing out menus for my 8 dinner guests. Apparently, I missed the memo that it was 2009, not 1869.

There’s mistletoe hanging in our kitchen. How idly it sits. The chefs move too fast and with too much concentration on the tasks at hand to make use of it. As for the guests… even if they wanted to steal a kiss, there isn’t room for them in our pre-20th century farm house kitchen. They’ll have to wait for the post-party clean up.

That reminds me, mistletoe is one of my favorite holiday traditions. There’s something cute about it — it represents a sort of innocent romance that seems to suit the Christmas season (a hell of a lot better than Victoria Secret Angles in Santa hats (bleh)). It’s supposed to be used by courting couples. Do couples court anymore? Maybe they should.

I didn’t finish wrapping presents until 4PM Christmas Day. There’s a rule in our house about presents — they have to be under the tree 24 hours before they can be opened, and then all members of the household have to be “in the mood” to open them. Usually, this means we don’t open gifts until the 28th. This year, it was Boxing Day. And then I remembered that I forgot to wrap two more presents for my dad. Oops. New Years Day for those ones I guess…

Christmas comes and goes too quickly. We keep the tree up until Jan 2. And the lights outside our house are allowed to hang there until February. The gifts and dinner parties may be over, but we try to hold on to the holiday spirit for as long as possible… the holiday pounds, well, those we run to lose as quickly as possible. See you at the gym tomorrow?


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