New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve given up on “traditional” and “be a better person” resolutions. They’re just too hard to make happen in a single year. Instead, I’ve embraced “how to have more fun  and self-educate” resolutions and they are as follows…

In 2010 I plan to:

1. Relearn to play the violin. Seriously, this year I mean it. I’m going to go back to basics to remaster all my favorite solos starting with Kriesler’s “Praeludium & Allegro”. The good news is I can still play the Preludium part … the allegro bit is a hot mess.

bowl much?

2. Go bowling more often. When Annie and I ventured into Bowlmor Lanes the other night, I hadn’t been bowling since an elementary school birthday party. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard… or broken so many nails… in one night.

3. Start going to gallery openings. I know I swore that I would never be one of those, but now that I’m thinking curator, I have to admit a new found interest in the way commercial galleries present their art works. The free wine isn’t a deterrent, mind you.

4. Read more Dickens. And James. And Dostoevsky. And Crow… oh, hell… just knock more titles off my to-read list.

5.  Start to cook my way through the Escoffier Cookbook. The cookbook has 2,973 recipes. A lot of them have foie gras. yum. So far, I’ve completed 2. That leaves 2,971 to go. I should add, that this book was written before the recipe was standardized — that means no formal ingredients list or step-by-by instructions. It’s written like a 1920s textbook and doesn’t have pictures. By the time I’m done (sometime in 2013), you’ll be able to send me off to the Bocuse d’Or.

6. Learn German. I’ve already purchased 3 teach-yourself books. They’ve been gathering dust since October. By this time next year, the VonRecklinghousen ancestors will be proud…

7. Get to bed earlier and wake up earlier. What was it that Ben Franklin said… about being healthy, wealthy, and wise? If I want to keep my toes in Prada and my brain in a PhD, I’m going to have start with the small things…

8. Go to the ballet and opera more. It’s just something I want to do… like train for a half-marathon

9. Shut my drawers and the kitchen cupboards. It’s a bad habit I have — leaving things open. And I often walk into things when they’re left open…

10. Drink more champagne. what could be wrong with that?

11. No to make a resolution to lose weight or find a boyfriend. Those are so 2009….


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