Summer Vacation Photo(s) of the Day

Hello folks!

I’m sure you’re all anxious to know what I’ve been up to since I crossed the border. It’s been a music filled, scenery filled, new experience filled, friend-making filled few days, and I’m in no hurry to get home. New life plan: French Culinary Institute followed by an advanced degree in adventure tourism, then find a nice bit of property in Newfoundland, open an Inn with a stellar restaurant, and lead my guests on sea-kayaking tours. Anyone wanna join in?

While I’m building my notes, scribbling in my travel log, and mentally drafting a proper write-up on this Nova Scotia-Newfoundland adventure, I thought I’d give you a little peek into daily adventure.

Since I’m already several days into my trip, the first installment of Vacation Photo of the Day will actually be several photos, featuring a highlights from my 3-night stay in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

a ghost ship?

Our first full day in Halifax was foggy and misty (above) — you couldn’t see past the docks. But the night cleaned up beautifully…

Also that night, we caught the Newfoundland-born, Halifax-favorite band Signal Hill play a great set of covers at the Lower Deck pub…

Even though we stayed out well past 2AM, we still woke up early to paddle the bays south of Halifax near Lower Prospect.

pulled up on an island for a wee bit of a break

after our glorious paddle, we headed a few klicks south to the photogenic fishing town of Peggy’s Cove…

the famous Peggy's Cove lighthouse


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