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Chantecaille Papillion Eye Duo Bleu Shine

Chantecaille Papillion Eye Duo Bleu Shine

Recently, I had to pack my bags for a two week stint in Texas that included 6 days on the road. Choosing clothes is one thing, especially when your destination boasts 100+ degree weather but 50 interior temps, but whittling down one’s makeup bag is most certainly another. The following are my favorite makeup products, my can’t live withouts, that go with me when ever I travel or some how make it onto my face anytime I leave the house. I don’t typically by drugstore brands. It’s not because I’m a snob. It’s because I have sensitive skin and eyes and after years of trying everything from Revlon to La Mer, I know what keeps the zits and bloodshot eyes away.

1. Laura Mercier foundation primer and tinted moisturizer in Nude — technically 2 products, but they must go together. The tinted moisturizer is lightweight, not greasy and has a SPF of 20 — so it’s great for daily use. The foundation primer means it stays on most of the day.

2. Chantecaille Lip Chic high-sheen, sheer lipsticks. These colors are great because they go on easy. They also have the right amount of gloss finish to them — not too shiny and not sticky. The sheer shades mean they have a natural look. They’re my favorite for a daytime face and are great thrown over a more intense darker lipstick for night wear. Zinnia (a soft orange-red with a touch of gold) and Camelia (a soft tea-rose pink) work best with my complexion (fair skin, light eyes)

3. Dior Diorshow mascara in 090-black. Easily the greatest mascara ever invented. Curls, extends and thickens — all without the clumps.

4. Laura Mercier Beauty Book Cheeks. Laura Mercier makes a great bronzer duo, and this beauty book pairs that bronzer set with two blushes. Perfect for all skin tones and all seasons, this neat set of 4 cheek accents goes with me everywhere. I use the light Golden Glow all over to set my tinted moisturizer. I’ve had my beauty book for 2 years, so i’ve gotten more than my money’s worth.

5. Laura Mercier Eye Liner. Meant to be applied with a flat brush, Laura Mercier’s eye liner is a dry-to-wet compact. It goes on easily and is perfect for creating a sharp eye line. Rather than the ebony black, I use the blue-marine — it’s an extremely dark navy that looks almost black if layered and has a slightly softer look.

In terms of a pencil liner, I really like Sisley and Sephora — the Sisley is an indulgence, but with my sensitive eyes, I feel it’s worth the money. Both are soft and easy to work with (i’m not very good with pencils or liquid liners) and both have lines with a bit of a shimmer. (My Sisley Phyto-kohl perfect eyeliner in brown and my sephora liner electro in khaki came with me to Texas in place of the Laura Mercier — they’re the base of my current summer eye)

6. Chatecaille eye shades. They’re long lasting and easy to blend or layer to get the exact eye you want. I like to use a Laura Mercier eye basics eye shadow base underneath to “prep the canvas.” I’ve had one set of 8 shadows for several years and I have a three-shade compact I can play around with and take with me when I travel. Reportedly, Kristen Dunst’s makeup artist swears by Patchouli for her blue-eyed client. I like the Papillon Violet Shine duo of violet and gold for a dramatic nighttime look.

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