To quote Henry James on our authoress: “Her ideas of enjoyment were very simple; she enjoyed putting on her new hat, with its redundancy of feather, and twenty cents appeared to her a very large sum.”

This economist turned art historian is your quintessential over-educated and underpaid recent grad school graduate. Born and raised in a suburb of Manhattan, she leads a life that balances her country-gal ways with her big-city personality. She enjoys weekends of hiking and kayaking excursions followed by lazy afternoons on her porch as much as she enjoys exploring the fast-paced Avenues and Cross Streets of her beloved New York City. On any given day, you can find her in two or more of the following places: in a museum, in a park, on a river, at the fencing club, at the gym or in the library.

In 6 words or less?
Comfortably transitions from Asolos to Manolos.

ever pensive, inherently fashionable

ever pensive, inherently fashionable


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Kathleen!
    I can’t find any e-mail address to contact you so I’ve tried this way…
    Have you ever read My Blogger Buddies interviews? Would you like to be one of my next guests to chat about your blogs and your interests? It’d be nice. Let me know if you feel like doing it.
    You can write to me at

    Maria Grazia at Fly High!

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