On flipflops


Some call them thongs. Flip flop or thong, whatever you call them, they are the official footwear of summer. On the beach, flipping around poolside, and flopping on city streets, they are ubiquitous once the weather turns hot and our natural desire is to minimize the amount of clothing on our body. We go crazy for our flip flops, seeking out Tory Burch or Prada or Havanas. The maker of our thong is as much a status symbol as the maker of our handbag.

But, I hate to break it to you, flip flops aren’t meant to be worn as a street shoes.

There’s no ankle support. No arch support. The amount of shoe between your foot and the grimy streets of new york is negligible. They catch on things, like curbs. There’s no toe protection. And let’s not talk about how exposed your heels are to the elements (cracked heels are not attractive). flip flops fall off. I was wearing a pair around the house the other day, and the plastic strap broke as I was walking down the stairs. I had laundry in my arms and slide down two stairs as the flip flop slide up my ankle.

Google Flip flop hazards or flip flop accidents and you’ll see — there’s a ton of articles about how adverse to your health the silly little plastic sandals actually are. (Note: I do own 2 pairs of flip flops, but I never where them outside the house).

Here are a few, if you’re doubtful:
Warning: Your Flipflops could kill you
If the BCC says they’re dangerous they must be!

Still don’t want to admit that flip flops are a bad idea to wear in the New York City? Here’s what can happen to you on your way to the nearest Starbucks:

yes, that's a screw going through the shoe into her foot.

yes, that's a screw going through the shoe into her foot.


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